More pressure for the most demanding specific applications

Perfect lamination on all types of media and printing. Impressive adhesion results on UV prints with irregular surfaces and high relief.

  • Working width 165 cm (65”)
  • Top roller heated from 30 to 100°C – 86 to 212°F
  • Roller opening up to 50 mm (2”)
  • Laminating speed up to 6 m/minute (21 ft/mn)
  • The pressure is adjusted directly on the substrate according to its thickness.
  • Laminating, one-sided encapsulation, tape application, lamination up to 5 cm (2″) thickness, use of thermal polyester films on the top side
Gas cylinder

An additional safety device to slow down the descent of the feeding tray

In-line cutting

Two indexable cutting heads to cut the laminated document or film before lamination

LED lighting

Ideal to control your work in progress and highlight your finishing area

Magnetic anti-static cord

Essential to unload the static generated by some supports

Remote control

Allows the operator set drive function from a distance