Multifunction at an affordable price

A first step towards autonomy in your finishing operations . Designed for unexperienced or professional operators for a reduced investment

  • 108 cm – 43’’ wide laminator for semi-intensive and occasional use
  • Perfect model for copy-service, department stores or integrated printing services in companies
  • Heating rolls from 40 to 160 °C – 104 to 320 °F. Identical heating on top and bottom
  • Use of polyester thermal film up to 125 μ (5 mil) thickness
  • Use of adhesive film in single-sided lamination or with single-sided adhesive at the same time
  • Laminating up to 25 mm thickness
  • Adjustable pressure on the exact thickness of the support
In-line cutting

Integrated with the machine, 2 cutter blades for cutting the material during lamination between two sets of rollers

Electrical rewinder

Intresting to save space and preserve work The laminated material is automatically rewound around a cardboard mandrel on an axis, ready for the next finishing step