Laminating tables

The technology that makes the difference.
Several choices of formats according to your current needs or your evolution forecasts to follow your progression without having to reinvest.

The Kala specificity

Since the introduction of the AppliKator on the market, KALA has set itself apart by being the first manufacturer to use electric motors to control the elevation and pressure of the roller.

This choice of electric motors, instead of pneumatic ones, brings many advantages, which go beyond the simple elimination of a compressor and its inconvenience.

A design focused on safety

The up, down and pressure cycles of the roller are controlled by stepper motors, powered by low voltage. These operations are synchronized with extreme precision by a specially developed electronic control.

This technology allows the integration of a laser safety cell, which automatically slows down the descent of the roll as soon as an obstacle is detected, whether it is the hand of an operator, a tool, or the most fragile supports:

  • the featherboard will not be crushed,
  • you will not have any sick leave linked to the use of your working tools.

The advantages of our system in video