Perfect cutting tool for an effortless operation with the hardest materials

  1. Precision 0,2 mm Smartfold
  2. Available in 110, 160, 210, 260, 310, 360 cm
  3. Interchangeable Tools
  4. Sighting band
  5. Integrated anti-deflection lifting system
  6. Retractable ruler
  7. Cutting axis selection
  8. Large volume for flexible, semi-rigid or fragile materials
  9. Retractable ruler to leave the workbench free for other operations
  10. Cutting without a cutting mat, with an integrated martyr belt

SmartFold tools must be mounted on a bench. They can be adapted on an existing table.

To take full advantage of the accuracy and productivity of SmartFold rulers, Keencut has designed a line of SmartFold Bench. Stability and flatness are guaranteed for increased cutting accuracy depending on the size of your ruler.