KALA specialises in the creation and manufacturing of wide format printing finishing equipment for Graphic Arts, Visual Communication and industrial markets.

All over the world, KALA’s products efficiency, precision, ease of use, safety level, contribute to the owner’s satisfaction and request for a performing and long-term reliable piece of equipment.

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Laminator, Our Technology defines the difference

Since their inception in 2008, KALA laminators continue to be recognised as industry leaders in wide format print finishing departments across the world.


A Lamination table system that can literally transform you productivity!


Significant time and cost savings in your print finishing operations

RoXY 650

NEW! Automatic XY cutter for DTF prints in 65cm width



A product selection for the most commonly used applications in our business area

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Whatever your business, volume, applications… You are ringing the right bell. Our portfolio offers a large range of finishing equipment for your wide format printing business that will suit your needs best.

Our customers are talking about us

I just wanted to let you know, we are so happy we ended up going with this over the Seal. I’d used Seal laminators for years, and I’d always referred to them as the Honda of laminators, as far long-term durability, reliability and performance. After a convincing demo, and your assurance that the Kala is in every way as durable, as well as a better performer, I cautiously moved forward with the purchase. Now a year has passed, and I’m even more happy with it. Not one issue, or one call to a tech. In our shop, laminating has always been the process that no one wants to get stuck with, usually taken with a grunt and a grumble. Since we brought in the Kala, I don’t even have to ask anyone to laminate, it just happens, nearly effortlessly (and fast). Thank you for convincing me to go with this bad boy, I really couldn’t be happier.

Rick Hoag
Sign Of Seattle

After purchasing the new MISTRAL 1650 laminator, our laminating process has gone from a constant struggle, to a simple always predictable and extremely efficient process. We actually doubled our production rate ! This machine tracks like it’s rails… it just runs by itself!!!

Derek Johnston
Owner of Las Vegas Car Wraps

For us as a shop that runs our laminators fairly non-stop every day the transition to The Kala Mistral 1650-65 from our previous big-name laminator was a Godsend! The ability to run full length 150’ rolls with no concern on walking was a true game changer, no more babysitting rolls. Webbing is easy and the multiple roll holders makes switching lams a breeze! We’ve had our Kala for a couple of years now without any issues so far. Functionality and price point are hard to beat here.

Kevin Neff
Large Format Manager at Cool Air Creations Inc.

We’ve owned our Kala Mistral for over three years, and we’re very satisfied with its performance.
We often laminate very challenging materials that have been problematic on other laminators with great success on the Kala.
Thanks for engineering and building an excellent product!

Martin Feldman
President of. Light-Works Inc.

With 28 years in the sign business, The Kala Arkane is a Great machine without the High Price, and this thing works like a dream! We needed something to help production after we could not find parts for our existing laminator. We were not wanting to invest a lot of money into any big laminators,so we purchased our Arkane 3 years ago. It’s ease of use and little to no waste was a game changer. I highly recommend it.

Ryan Simpson — Displayit