For optimum precision

  1. Tolerance X cut +/- 1 mm (1/32”), Y cut +/- 0,5 mm (1/64”)
  2. Electrical adjustment of the Y-blade holder.
Manual blade positioning Y

Electrical adjustment of the position of all the Y blades, controllable by the operator during the work

Automatic X-cutting with mark detection by optical sensor.

These benchmarks can be generated manually or automatically from most commercially available Rips, especially Caldera and SAI. Cutting to a defined length without marking is also possible.

Cutting blade


Support for adhesive films

Reception table

Table on rail, with two folding ends according to the length of the prints. Total maximum length 2,40 m.
Magnetic stops for easy stacking of documents

Output guide rollers

To improve cutting accuracy Y.

Y blade holder

Additional blade holder
Single or double blade Horizontal outlet plate included